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Non alcoholic wines for export

Non alcoholic wines for export

If you are interested in buying non-alcoholic wine for export to your country please feel free contact us using the following contact information.

David G Neve

Restauración Absoluta, S.L.
Avenida Rio Tajuña, 259
19174, Galapagos, Guadalajara. España

SKYPE Name: DavidNeve

Tel: 949327840 / Mov: 658036028

Low alcoholic wines and cocktails for export

We offer a range of low alcoholic content wines and beverages for export.

Red, White and Rosé wine - 11% alcohol in bottles of 75cl and 1 litre brik.

Sangría - 5% alcohol in 1.5 litre bottles and 1 litre prism.

Sparkling sangría - 5% alcohol in 75cl bottles.

Sparkling Comte de Chamberi Brut - rosé and white in 75cl bottles.

Ready to Drink Cocktails - 11 different flavors - 5.5% alcohol - Format 275ml glass bottles.

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